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During the fall regional consultations we met with over 100 participants across the province including:  career practitioners, specialized employment service providers, mental health service providers, educators/guidance counsellors, and career resource service users. This included 25 career resource centre managers. Based on the preliminary research findings and from our discussions what is clear:

  • More clients accessing career resource services are disclosing mental health problems/illness as a factor in their employment/career planning. 
  • Many career counsellors are not feeling confident that they have the knowledge and skills needed to serve this client population well.
  • Career practitioners feel they would benefit from having more information about mental health problems/illness.
  • When clients need additional support many career practitioners are uncertain how to access mental health services within their communities.
  • Having access to mental health specialists would improve service delivery by career practitioners. 
  • Clients with mental health problems/illnesses agree!

Although not comprehensive, the following resources and toolkits have been gathered together to begin to close this knowledge gap including:


Finding Mental Health Resources - Nova Scotia


Understanding Mental Illness 


On-line Self Directed Mental Health Resources


Workplace Mental Health Resources


Employment Resources For People Living With Mental Illness


Educational Resources


Family Resources