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An essential part of this project is to learn from stakeholders more about the current strengths, gaps, issues, and concerns that career practitioners face in supporting people with mental health problems/issues to reach their career/ employment goals. We also want to learn about the experience of people using career/employment/economic development services who are living with mental health problems/illnesses.

Through these surveys we will identify what skill training, information, and resources career practitioners' need to support career planning, and foster workforce engagement. We will also explore the attitudes, practices and policies which support or inhibit successful service access. The information gathered through these private and confidential surveys will help to inform the development of a province-wide multi-sectorial strategy.


Phase One is conducting a survey of career practitioners. To date we have received over 100 responses. If you haven't done the survey yet - please do!

The next phase of the project is to hear directly from people who use career planners, guidance counselors, vocational services, economic development and job resource centres, or who could benefit from these services.


Active Surveys


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